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Using Medical Marijuana in Jacksonville, FL, for Chronic Pain Treatment

With legalized medical marijuana in Jacksonville, FL, doctors are now able to provide yet another form of treatment to those suffering from chronic pain. But how exactly does it work? While the research is still out, many people believe that marijuana’s ability to reduce pain in people has to do with how it interacts with the body’s ability to regulate and manage inflammation.

As an analgesic, medical cannabis excels at delivering significant improvements to almost every patient in pain-related studies. This pain reduction and management can sometimes be the difference between being able to sleep or function normally and being in too much pain to do so effectively.

One of the other reasons more clinics are looking to medical marijuana for pain management is that there is a lower risk of addiction when compared to other types of pain medication. Opioid-based medicine can be very addictive and come with a number of different side effects and health risks.

Medical cannabis, on the other hand, can provide the same or even better pain relief than opioids, but without nearly as many risks. Make sure you ask your doctor if medical marijuana is the right option for your pain management needs.