Treatment Options for Chronic Pain in Jacksonville, FL

Correcting chronic pain and joint inflammation is never a one-size fits all type of treatment. The same type of pain can be caused by different sources in different people, and it is important to find and treat the root cause of pain rather than spending time and money simply trying to treat the symptoms.

The doctors at Florida Coast Pain and Spine Center understand that what works for one person may not work for another. That is why we only offer personalized treatment options for chronic pain in Jacksonville, FL. The process begins with a series of tests that help us to determine exactly what is causing your pain. Once we have an understanding of your ailment, we can begin working with you to reduce or eliminate your suffering altogether. When you are looking for interventional, non-surgical, or joint pain treatments, then you are going to want to work with our pain management clinic.

Finding the Right Treatment Options for You

Chronic pain can affect your life in many different ways. While the most obvious effect is how your body feels when your pain flares up, there are actually a number of other reasons why you need to seriously consider receiving pain treatments to better your overall well-being.

For example, did you know that pain can end up causing an increase in blood pressure and your heart rate? It is true. Add to that the amount of mental distress that can go with the physical suffering, and you have a serious issue that needs to be handled by the professionals.

There are many standard and alternative pain relief procedures available to assist you in reducing or eliminating the amount of pain you feel. We have organized a number of these specific procedures to make it easier for you to learn about some of the different techniques we bring to the table. These include:

Spine Treatments

Spine and general back pain can end up leaving you stuck in your bed unable to move. There are spine treatments available, though, that can help you take back control, including injections to the epidural area and facets. We can also use radiofrequency ablation and intrathecal pumps to help get your spine pain back under control.

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Joint Treatments

It becomes much harder to move around when you are dealing with inflammation in your joints. Through our guided steroid injections, stem cell, and hyaluronic acid lubrication therapies, however, you can calm that inflammation down and say goodbye to your pain.

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Other Treatments

There are many alternative pain relief therapies that are showing real signs of success with patients. Some of these alternative treatments include using medical marijuana to ease chronic pain as well as injecting BOTOX for relief from migraine headaches.

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Contact us to discuss different treatment options for your chronic pain. We offer alternative pain relief for patients located throughout the Jacksonville, Florida, area.