Why Patients in Jacksonville, FL, Turn to Medical Marijuana for Back Pain Relief

Chronic back pain is a prevalent problem for adults. Treatments range from daily doses of painkillers to yoga and even surgery. However, more and more patients are turning to cannabis for pain relief. Ever since the 2016 legalization of medical marijuana in Jacksonville, FL, doctors and retail stores promoting this natural treatment have become commonplace. But how does it work – and is it right for you?

How Cannabis Soothes Back Pain

While in-depth research is still ongoing, many back pain sufferers report that marijuana relieves their pain, reduces inflammation and spasms, and helps them manage related symptoms like insomnia and depression. Studies suggest that medical cannabis relieves pain by dampening pain signals, although how is not yet fully understood. Regardless, the anecdotal accounts are compelling.

You should ask your doctor about medical cannabis if you haven’t found relief with traditional treatment or if you’re put off by the side effects caused by drug treatment. While using marijuana for pain relief can cause side effects, they are generally mild and go away quickly. Since different strains create different effects, it’s recommended to experiment with a few different cannabis varieties to find the one that works best for your back pain.