Your Trusted Pain Management Clinic in Jacksonville, FL

When you suffer from chronic pain or joint inflammation, it can sometimes feel like there isn’t anything you can do about it. However, this is far from the truth – our pain management clinic in Jacksonville, FL, wants to show you how to treat joint inflammation and manage chronic pain. It is time for you to find freedom from your pain.

Florida Coast Pain and Spine Center understands how living with chronic pain can affect your day-to-day routine and general well-being. That is why our board-certified physicians are ready, willing, and able to help you better understand the cause of your pain while also providing you with effective traditional and alternative treatments for it. You do not have to live with untreated pain any longer when you work with our pain doctors in Jacksonville, FL.

The Right Path Towards Your Treatment

There are many different ways to approach your pain management at our pain and spine center in Jacksonville, FL. By taking a comprehensive, personal approach, our doctors can find the right combination of conventional and alternative medicine, behavioral health counseling, and physical therapy to help you see results and get relief.

We understand that chronic pain and inflammation are severe ailments that trouble you every day. That is why we are always seeking to identify the cause of your suffering so that a customized treatment can be designed to meet your specific needs and give you the relief you deserve. There are many different treatment options available, some of which include:

Interventional Pain Management

Find freedom from your pain without having to take regular medication with this effective treatment. Our fluoroscopy-guided injection therapy is available in the comfort and privacy of our office and sure to help you see results in the amount of pain and discomfort you feel.

Regenerative Medicine

One of the most cutting-edge treatments currently being used to help people with chronic pain due to joint and tendon degeneration is regenerative medicine. The idea behind this treatment is that the body can repair or replace abnormal tissues in the body. This can help to repair or improve degenerative disorders with a significant reduction in the associated pain.

Medical Marijuana

More and more studies are showing that medical marijuana can do a great deal to help those who are suffering from chronic pain. Instead of the conventional use of potentially dangerous opiates, our doctors would like to show you how medical marijuana could be a more viable solution for helping you with your pain.

Contact us when you are in need of effective treatments for your chronic pain issues. Our pain management clinic is available to assist patients located throughout the Jacksonville, Florida, area.